FOX (screenplay):Suburban housewife Maggie Stone receives a mysterious visitor from the past: George Fox, founder of the Quakers.  A single-minded man with a strict adherence to truth and simplicity, he clashes with Maggie’s world of consumerism and deceit.  She initially rejects this oddly-dressed man, but his intrusion into her life sparks her curiosity.   She begins to visualize scenes from Fox’s life; his stint as itinerant preacher in the English countryside, his vision on Pendle Hill, and his courtship of Margaret Fell, the judge’s wife and proprietress of Swarthmoor Hall.  Scenes from 17th-century England are interspersed with scenes from Maggie’s life; the extravagant birthday party she throws for her six-year-old, her frequent trips to the spa, and her renovation of an already perfect McMansion.  At the same time, a string of robberies in Maggie’s upscale neighborhood has everyone on edge.  Is this stranger from the past really who he says he is?  
Light and Dark (screenplay):When Phoebe McMann’s family leaves on vacation without her, her staid existence as suburban housewife is turned upside down.  First, a down-and-out high school classmate insinuates herself back into Phoebe’s life, prodding Phoebe to take a ride on the wild side.  Then, a hunky electrician shows up to offer a welcome diversion from her unappreciative husband.  Next, a trio of con artists posing as the neighborhood Welcome Wagon barges into her home and wreaks havoc.  In the meantime, Phoebe’s controlling friend Sharon—suffering from infertility—conspires to kidnap her three children.  Amidst the chaos Phoebe discovers a long lost piece of herself—her talent as a painter—and what really matters in life.

Shelley Kirilenko
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Brought to Light (a Jan McCann mystery novel): Jan McCann chairs a contentious committee meeting at her Quaker meetinghouse. In the dead of the night, she realizes she's forgotten her cell phone and returns. Expecting the building to be empty, she hears someone in the other room. Uneasy, she retrieves her phone and leaves in a hurry. What she doesn't realize is that she was in the building with her friend Barbara's dead body ... and the killer. And she's the main suspect!